Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Facing History and Ourselves at the Museum of the City of New York.

HS of Economics & Finance student and Islands of Tolerance teachers presented at the Museum of the City of New York on March 26, 2013.  The workshop, The Power of Tolerance, provided a glimpse of the work en progress between Economics & Finance and Martha's Vineyard students and teachers.  

Monday, June 11, 2012

Profile of Nancy Michael by HSEF student Kirstin Price

nancy michael was the daughter of rebecca michael and sharper michael. nancy was involvled in many legal battle in her life time. in 1779 she was sold to joseph allen of tisbury. after leaving tisbury she moved to edgartown and was a public pauper.

Profile of Rebecca by HSEF student Emily Guan

Rebecca, Woman From Africa
    Rebecca is the great grandmother of William A. Martin who was the only African American master of whaling ships. Born in Guinea in West Africa she was the property of Cornelius Bassett of Chilmark. She has 2 sons Pero and Cato and a daughter Nancy. At the time of Cornelius Bassett's death Nancy was 7 and Pero was 18. Both son and daughter were sold to Joseph Allen of Tisbury. Rebecca may have been granted her freedom. She was once married to Elisha Amus an "Indian man". Upon his death he left Rebecca his livestock and his house. She died in 1801, 38 years after her husband.

Status update for Rebecca Martin by HSEF student Melanie Castillo

In 1820, I, Rebecca Martin have been imprisoned at the age of nine, charged with theft, nonpayment, and assault. It's not the first time, but around here it's the norm. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A MV profile by HSEF student Aska Gurung

The passage is about how the black slave who escaped the plantation that he had been working in for 12 years. While on the run two girl helped him hide in the swamp so that the sherrif won't catch him. Later the sherrif found out that he was in the swamp aand he went to.go catch him. But by the time he got there, he was distracted by nature and its beauty. Therefore the fugitive black man ran away. Ranaway to his freedom.

Profile of Captain William A. Martin by HSEF student Nilsa Rodriguez

Captain William A. Martin was the great grand child of a woman from Africa who was enslaved on Martha's Vineyard. He was the only African-American Whaling captain from Martha's Vineyard. He was born in Edgartown in 1830. His mother's name was Rebecca. During his life he lived with both his grandmother, Nancy and Rebeca. When he became older he married a Native American woman named Sarah Brown. Sarah Brown was from Chappaquiddick Plantation. William and Sarah decided to live in Chappaquiddick Plantation.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Profile of Rebecca by HSEF student Isabella Rosedietcher

My name's Rebecca, or as my friends and family call me Beck, and I'm from Guinea, West Africa. I live with my master Cornelius Bassett. I was with my husband, a Wampanog Elisha Amos, and my kids Pero, Cato and Nancy (to whom Elisha was not the father) throughout my life, although they were all taken from me. My tale isn't all that sad though, for my husband left land, to which I escaped my dreaded master to.